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Eyelash Extension Course
by Sassy Lash Class

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About Us

Welcome to Sassy Lash Class. If you are checking out this web page, then chances are you have decided to start a fun and very lucrative new career as a Certified Eyelash Extension Professional. This eyelash extension course is a mile ahead all of the other courses out there that offer lash training. Other lash companies only offer a one day training course. This comprehensive five day hands on eyelash extension course is designed to make you proficient in all aspects of lashing. Our eyelash extension course instructors have been doing eyelash extensions for years.

Sassy Lashes is an established lash boutique with multiple locations across the Vegas Valley. We have been an industry leader since 2012. Most trained lash artists make $75,000 to $100,000 a year. You will soon find out that certified and trained lash artists are in high demand due to eyelash extensions being such a new and upcoming field.

eyelash extension course

About The Eyelash Extension Course

Our eyelash extension course includes your very own lash kit embossed in a pink steel case. Inside the case you will find different sets of tweezers, tape, lash trays with different size and diameters of lashes, primer, remover, glue, scissors, sanitation masks, and mascara wands. Also included with the kit you will receive a latex mannequin head for practicing your newly learned lash techniques. Last you will receive our Sassy Lash Class binder with all training techniques, lash overview, and product knowledge.

eyelash extension course
eyelash extension course

Meet the Trainers

Kelsey Sherman

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Kelsey Sherman has been a full time lash artist since 2012. She has been professionally trained and certified in Classic, Russian Volume and Mega Volume lash application. Driven by passion for the lash industry, she has gained substantial knowledge in various lash techniques through many courses and is committed to building on experience with an extensive list of skills which are the forefront of her lash success. A meticulous lash artist, Kelsey is eager to share with and uplift the lash community as a trainer to any who are willing to learn. Keeping natural health as the top priority, she is dedicated to creating magnificent art that inspires lash enthusiasts everywhere and has clients coming back for quality lashes they can wear for life!

Maria Torres

Maria has worked over 5 years at perfecting her lash technique which has elevated her to an elite level rarely achieved in the lash industry. Her experience with all types of eye shapes and age groups has perfected her technical and artistic expertise that she personally set sky high. Making clients feel beautiful is her true passion. Maria always says that there is nothing more rewarding than helping and empowering others. Enhancing natural beauty is what drives her. She constantly strives for perfection and outstanding results. Being that Maria is one of the best lash artists in the Vegas Valley, she usually has a 3 week wait to even get an appointment with her. Maria is super excited to mentor and pass along any and all new techniques to upcoming lash artists.

Shauna Jones

Shauna is the founder and brains behind Sassy Lashes. Having received her certification in Lashes in 2012 from Minkys. She wanted to make the service affordable for all clients. Shauna’s creative approach has created an environment to make it so everyone can afford lashes. Shauna goes above and beyond to train new lash artists fresh out of cosmetology and esthetician school in all different types of techniques. She is phenomenal at teaching isolation and how to apply fullness to even the barest eyelashes. She takes extreme pride in her business. If someone is ever not satisfied, she will try to go the extra mile to ensure they become a Sassy Lash client for life.

Shauna has decided to ensemble the best lash artists from around the Vegas Valley to ensure all new Sassy Lash students are learning from the best. She looked at the current lash training systems out there and decided these training courses are truly flawed. How can someone become proficient at lashing with a one day course? That’s how Sassy Lash Class was created. To make the most interactive five day hands on course to help you succeed in your newly chosen career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most lash training classes are offered as a one day or if you’re lucky a two day lash course. Those feeble 1 day courses will only train you on classic sets. Our eyelash extension course consists of five full days of comprehensive product knowledge with hands on training in all sets including learning how to make a handmade fan for mixed and volume sets.

Our full 5 day eyelash extension course consists of one on one training. Students will be able to practice sets on a regular strip lash, mannequins, and live models. When you get certified with our lash course we will teach you how to do classic, mixed and volume sets of lashes.

  • All of the lash sizes from 7mm all the way to size 17mm
  • Different lash diameters from 0.03 to 0.20
  • Different drying techniques
  • Humidity, ingredients, different bonds, and levels of sensitivity
  • Tweezer styles, and curves
  • How to properly clean and remove lash extensions
  • Marketing strategies
  • Sterilization and proper sanitary requirements for the state board

eyelash extension course eyelash extension course

eyelash extension course


Our five day course costs $1,500. Our course is taught Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm with an hour lunch break from 1pm to 2pm. Sassy Lash Class requires a nonrefundable $300 deposit that goes towards the course. The remaining $1,200 is due on Friday of the week before the start of the new class you plan to participate in. Book now because our classes fill up quickly.

eyelash extension course
eyelash extension course
eyelash extension course

Possible Internships

Top students that demonstrate the best potential will be rewarded with an internship and chance to join the Sassy Lash Team.


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Eyelash Extension Course
by Sassy Lashes Inc.

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