About Us

Sassy Lash Class:

Sassy Lash Class is the most unique eyelash training course in the US. We offer 2 different programs. One is a 5 day Hands on Course that covers classic, mixed, volume, and mega volume eyelash training. The other is a 3 Day weekend course that covers the exact same curriculum except this one has extended hours and double the trainers to give more of a one on one type training. We customize both classes to work around your current everyday work schedule. Most Lash trainers offer a 1 day training course and it’s entirely too much info to take in. We analyzed the current lash training system and found too many flaws. After the first day of training you can barely hold your tweezers.

What makes us different?

Sassy Lash Class is the only eyelash company that has their very own dedicated state of the art lash training facility. Most companies rent out a conference room of a hotel or close down their own salon and try to make room. Our 1,800 sq ft. dedicated lash training facility is equipped with 10 massage tables and 6 recliner chairs to give you different looks and feels of what a real salon would be like. We also have 7 full size 8 foot tables to comfortably accommodate a class room of 20 or more students while covering the theory, and lecture aspects of the course.

What our Course Includes:

Our eyelash extension course includes your very own lash kit embossed in a pink steel case. Inside the case you will find different sets of tweezers, tape, lash trays with different size and diameters of lashes, primer, remover, glue, sanitation masks, and mascara wands. Also included with the kit you will receive a latex mannequin head for practicing your newly learned lash techniques. Last you will receive our Sassy Lash Class binder with all training techniques, lash overview, and product knowledge. Unlike any other lash course in the country we provide the models for you. You will get 3 straight days of live model training. Most other lash companies make you provide your own model which isn’t very helpful if you’re coming from out of town.

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