The American scientist George Washington Carver once remarked, “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” This is true both in life and in work. Expanding your abilities is vital to your success, especially in an ever-evolving world like the beauty industry. If you’re unhappy with the limited services you’re currently offering or want to break into cosmetology, you need top-notch training in the latest trends to set you up for success. You might worry that finding the key to that golden door of professional success could take months or even years, but this isn’t true. If you make smart investments with your time and money, you could be well on your way to reaching your full potential in just a matter of days. At Sassy Lash Class, we’ve helped many students jumpstart their cosmetology careers with our expert instruction. In the following blog, find out how just one workweek could change your cosmetology career.

An Advantageous Ability

Whether it’s your first foray into the beauty industry or you’re a seasoned professional looking to grow your business, lash training is an excellent choice. You probably already know that full, voluminous, vibrant lashes are becoming the standard. You can find false lashes in just about every drugstore these days, no celebrity would dare go out on the red carpet without fabulous lashes, and everyone is searching for the best strategy to achieve this glamorous look. The demand for gorgeous lashes is clearly high.

Eyelash extensions are the clear solution for those who want beautiful, on-trend lashes. In a recent New York Times article, Molly Fitzpatrick eloquently explains: “They make me feel like a Disney princess whose pure and gentle spirit has enticed delicate, mascara-free butterflies to live on my face.” These beauty treatments exude elegance while offering a relatively low-maintenance solution to common makeup woes. As one In Style magazine reporter puts it, “getting lash extensions is a miracle treatment for the girl who can’t with a cat eye.” Simply put, clients love the results of well-crafted, skillfully applied eyelash extensions. This means they’re willing to pay a premium for this service, making it a worthwhile ability to add to your arsenal.

Eyelash Extensions By the Numbers

To further comprehend the immense value of lash training in today’s beauty market, consider the following statistics:

  • According to Allure magazine, “Data shows that searches for ‘lashes’ are up a profound 152 percent,” showing how important this feature has become nowadays.
  • NPR reports: “As of April 2016, drugstore sales of false lashes and adhesives were more than $113 million, according to Gale Business Insights.” As a higher-quality, long-term alternative to cheap false lashes, eyelash extensions are also a booming business.
  • Women’s Wear Daily notes: “Whether women are growing their eyelashes longer or turning to enhancements, lashes are a hot category. Sales of false eyelashes [in a year] grew 2 percent to almost $44 million .”

As the data demonstrates, eyelash extensions are a flourishing field. This makes lash training a very wise decision for those interested in cosmetology.

Why The Right Training Matters

Precisely because eyelash extensions are such an important sector in the beauty industry today, there are dozens if not hundreds of lash training classes out there. However, these are of varying quality. You’ve probably seen one-day lash training courses advertised, but the idea that you could learn everything you need to know about a wide range of styles in a single 24-hour period just doesn’t make sense. Furthermore, it’s important to learn from actual working professionals – eyelash extension artists who know this field inside and out, cosmetologists who are actively working and can help you succeed.

How Sassy Lash Class Can Help

With Sassy Lash Class’ Five Day Specialist Class, you can become adept in all aspects of eyelash extensions in just one workweek. We offer this course in our beautiful Las Vegas facility from Monday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm, on select weeks throughout the year. Our instructors are themselves successful eyelash extension artists who are dedicated to helping you build your cosmetology career.

If you’re unable to take a whole week for training, we also offer a Three Day Specialist Class. This course covers all the same material as the Five Day Specialist Class but is offered on certain weekends, from 10 am to 6 pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Our Students’ Successes

We’re confident our lash training can change your cosmetology career because we’ve seen it happen time and time again. For example, former student M.G. writes: “I chose [Sassy Lash Class] because no other companies offer a full week of their time. They were very informative and their trainers were sweet and not to mention talented.” Student A.M. also left us this beautiful testimonial: “The Sassy Lash Class is simply a great foundation to start your own business in the eyelash industry and to gain financial independence.”

Enroll in Sassy Lash Class Today

Are you ready to take your cosmetology career to the next level in just one week? Enroll in one of our outstanding courses today! We look forward to seeing you in class.

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