Frequently asked questions

Why Choose Sassy Lash Class?

Most lash training classes are offered as a one day or if you’re lucky a two day lash course. Those feeble 1 day courses will only train you on classic sets. Our eyelash extension course consists of five full days of comprehensive product knowledge with hands on training in all sets including learning how to make a handmade fan for mixed and volume sets.

What Makes Us Different?

Our full 5 day eyelash extension course consists of one on one training. Students will be able to practice sets on a regular strip lash, mannequins, and live models. When you get certified with our lash course we will teach you how to do classic, mixed and volume sets of lashes.

What Type of Product Knowledge Will I learn?
  • All of the lash sizes from 7mm all the way to size 17mm
  • Different lash diameters from 0.03 to 0.20
  • Different drying techniques
  • Humidity, ingredients, different bonds, and levels of sensitivity
  • Tweezer styles, and curves
  • How to properly clean and remove lash extensions
  • Marketing strategies
  • Sterilization and proper sanitary requirements for the state board

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