Don’t take our word for it.
Our graduates say it best.

Where do I even begin, the Sassy Lash Class was so extraordinary. From the moment we sat down until the moment we left every day we were emersed in the eyelash extension culture.

We learned how to thoroughly isolate each lash and how to place it on properly so the client will get the best retention.Shauna was a fantastic leader/teacher, she was very attentive the whole time and would make sure you got it right before she went to the next student. I was so impressed by her patience and genuine love for the art. You don’t want to miss this class, it’s such a good investment for your future.

I am so grateful to have had this experience and to have been surrounded by other business-minded women like myself. I have always strived to be my own boss and this course will get you started in the right direction. The Sassy Lash Class is simply a great foundation to start your own business in the eyelash industry and to gain financial independence. Sassy also has one of the best lash brands I’ve used from their glue, lashes and their tweezers. All of it is perfect for a first-time lash artist to an expert lash artist and everything in between. They’re also all reasonably priced so you can stock up without feeling like you’re breaking the bank. It’s a unique brand! I would definitely recommend this brand to any lady that’s ready to take their eyelash career to the next level!


I have nothing but good things to say about the Sassy Lashes! I came from Texas to take their training and it was so worth it! Mike and Shauna were very helpful and accommodating. I chose them because no other companies offer a full week of their time. They were very informative and their trainers were sweet and not to mention talented. I also love their products! They have different styles of tweezers and they all grip really well. Their lashes are soft and easy to pull from the strip, which is awesome! Sassy Lashes all the way!


Fantastic, I was totally blown away by the Sassy Lash Class.


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