Eyelash extensions are one of the fastest-growing, most in-demand services in the beauty industry. ​With one New York Timesjournalist calling​ them a “cosmetic cheat code” and Women’s Wear Dailyreporting​ record growth for eyelash extensions (up to $44 million annually even back in 2010), learning how to do them for your clientele is a worthwhile investment. Whether you’re new to cosmetology or want to expand your existing offerings, taking a lash training class is an excellent idea.

Of course, once you’ve decided to take the plunge into lash training, it’s vital that you pick the right​ program. Since this industry is booming, there are hundreds of classes to choose from, but not all lash training programs are created equal. Many institutions offer one day classes that claim to teach you everything you need to know about eyelash extensions in a meager few hours. However, as the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and neither is an expert skill like applying eyelash extensions.

At Sassy Lash Class, our outstanding instructors offer three and five day courses because we know this is what it takes to truly hone this ability. In the following blog, we explain the top five reasons one day lash training classes don’t work.

  1. You’ll be too nervous to learn well.

Everyone knows how nerve-wracking the first day of school can be. You don’t know anything about your teachers, the classroom, or your peers. You’re concerned about what to wear and who to sit next to. Trying to familiarize yourself with both the course and every technique in lash training in a single day simply isn’t realistic. With a three or five day specialist class from Sassy Lash Class, you’ll have time to become comfortable in the classroom and thoroughly understand the procedures.

  1. You’ll only master very basic techniques.

Done right, lash training involves working with a wide variety of lash sizes, styles, and curves, as well as an array of drying techniques, bonds, and sensitivity levels. Beautiful eyelash extensions require precision and customization. Simply put, there aren’t enough hours in a single day to learn everything you need to know to be completely proficient in this area. Taking a one day class limits your knowledge and makes you unable to fully serve your clients. In contrast, students of Sassy Lash Class graduate confident in their capacity to provide classic, mixed, and volume lashes to their future customers.

  1. You probably won’t get a quality kit.

If an instructor is skimping on time with you, it’s likely that he or she will also cut corners in other areas. One of the most crucial components of any eyelash extension course is the kit you receive as part of it. This collection of instruments and materials should give you everything you need to get started as a professional eyelash extension provider. Chances are, the kit you receive from a one day class will be stuffed with sub-par tools. If you want to avoid operating with inferior instruments, Sassy Lash Class is the place to be. We provide each student with an exquisitely embossed pink steel case, filled with tweezers, tape, all forms of lash trays, primer, remover, glue sanitation masks, and mascara wands, as well as a latex mannequin head so you can continue practicing at home.

  1. You’ll likely only test your skills on mannequins.

Mannequins are an excellent way to polish your eyelash extension application skills, but of course, nothing can replace a live model with real eyelashes. Many one day classes never use live models, or, if they do allow them, they require you to supply your own. Finding a friend to accompany you all day isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re traveling out of town for training. Sassy Lash Class solves this problem by offering live models with our three and five day specialist courses.

  1. You probably won’t learn how to advertise your skills.

Becoming an accomplished eyelash extension artist is just the first step toward making this craft your career. Once you’ve developed your abilities, you’ll need to actually ​advertisethem and build a client list. Since a one day class can’t even teach you everything you need to know about the technical side of eyelash extensions, it’s virtually impossible you’d be able to learn how to effectively market yourself from such a short training. At Sassy Lash Class, ​our instructors are industry-leading eyelash extension professionals​. We will teach you how to truly build your business. With top-notch training, promotional tools, and hard work, you can easily make $100,000 a year in this growing field.

Enroll in an Eyelash Extension Training Course That Does​ Work

Don’t waste your time with a one day class! If you’re serious about beautifying clients’ eyelashes, making an excellent income, and succeeding as an eyelash extension artist, Sassy Lash Class is the place for you. Enroll in our ​Five Day Specialist Class​ or ​Three Day Accelerated Specialist Class​ today.

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