Meet The Trainer

Shauna Jones

Shauna is the founder and brains behind Sassy Lashes. She received her certification in Lashes in 2012. She wanted to make the service affordable for all clients. Shauna’s creative approach has created an environment to make it so everyone can afford lashes. Shauna goes above and beyond to train new lash artists fresh out of cosmetology and esthetician school in all different types of techniques. She is phenomenal at teaching isolation and how to apply fullness to even the barest eyelashes. She takes extreme pride in her business. If someone is ever not satisfied, she will try to go the extra mile to ensure they become a Sassy Lash client for life.

Shauna has decided to ensemble the best lash artists from around the Vegas Valley to ensure all new Sassy Lash students are learning from the best. She looked at the current lash training systems out there and decided these training courses are truly flawed. How can someone become proficient at lashing with a one-day course? That’s how Sassy Lash Class was created. To make the most interactive five-day hands-on course to help you succeed in your newly chosen career.

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