When it comes to your professional life, deciding which path to take isn’t always easy. The choices you make regarding your career affect your income, family life, personal satisfaction, and more. In many cases, achieving your goals requires investing in the right training. Proper education gives you the skills, tools, and confidence you need to prosper. However, especially in the beauty industry, there are so many programs, classes, and seminars to choose from that it can become overwhelming. Of course, some are much more worthwhile than others. Furthermore, the value of a given course depends on your unique needs and preferences.

At Sassy Lash Class, we’re committed to helping our students build thriving businesses by teaching them to apply outstanding eyelash extensions for their clientele. Our founder, herself an accomplished lash artist, saw the need for higher quality training services in this growing field, so she created a dedicated facility with comprehensive courses. Below, take our quiz to find out if our Three Day Specialist Class is right for you.

Are you inspired to make clients feel stunning?

Long, full lashes instantly add glamor to any look, making clients feel special. Furthermore, in many cases, eyelash extensions eliminate the need for eyeliner, mascara, and other makeup, allowing your clients to look wonderful while shortening their beauty routines. Taking Sassy Lash’s Three Day Specialist Class (or even our longer Five Day Specialist Class) can help you achieve these outstanding results.

Would you like to make a good living in the beauty industry?

Eyelash extensions are an in-demand, growing service. As ​NPRreports, “long, luxurious lashes is serious business,” with “false lashes and adhesives” sales alone at “$113 million.” As a specialist trained by the experienced Sassy Lash Class team, you can make between $75,000 and $100,000 per year. Taking our Three Day Specialist Class could set you up for future financial stability and success.

Do you live outside of the Las Vegas area?

Sassy Lash Class’ gorgeous, dedicated facility is located in Las Vegas​, but, given the high caliber of our training and intense interest in our programs, we welcome students from all over the United States and even the world. If you would need to travel to us to take this course, the shorter, three day version may be a better fit for your needs. This more compact class provides you with everything you need to thrive as an eyelash extension artist in just a few short days. Taking our three day course would allow you to save on accommodations expenses and return home swiftly (where you can immediately begin serving your clients!).

Are you able to train during the workweek?

Our Five Day Specialist Class is outstanding, but since it takes place from Monday to Friday, it could interfere with existing professional commitments. Our Three Day Specialist Class covers all the same material, but condensed into one weekend (longer days on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). If you’d have trouble getting a whole week off of work, need to be available during the week for childcare, or have other responsibilities that would make a Monday-Friday course difficult, our Three Day Specialist Class could be an excellent option.

Do you want to learn from a successful professional eyelash extension artist?

There are dozens if not hundreds of lash training courses out there, but many of them are unfortunately sub-par, with poor instruction from teachers who don’t actually know much about this burgeoning industry. At Sassy Lash Class, our instructors are experienced, adept eyelash artists with flourishing beauty businesses of their own. By taking our Three or Five Day Specialist Class, you can benefit from their guidance.

Would you like to practice your skills on live models?

Unlike many lash training programs, Sassy Lash Class provides live models. Practicing your skills on actual people is absolutely invaluable. We offer live models all three days of our Three Day Specialist Course so you can hone your skills and graduate fully prepared to work with clients.

Do you need financing?

Sassy Lash Class understands that you may need a little assistance to make this important investment in your professional future. We offer ​financing​ through PayPal (currently at zero percent interest if paid in six months).

Are you ready to train intensively?

The curriculum for the Three Day Specialist Class and the Five Day Specialist Class is the same, except that rather than being delivered Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm, the Three Day Specialist Class is held from 10 am to 6 pm from Friday through Sunday. If you prefer to learn the secrets of luscious lashes in eight-hour days rather than six-hour days, or if you have limited time and want to hit the ground running, the Three Day Specialist Class is probably a good fit for you.

Are You Ready to Enroll?

What were your quiz results? Are you well suited to the ​Three Day Specialist Class​ (or, perhaps, is the ​Five Day Specialist Class​ more ideal for you)? No matter which option you choose, we encourage you to enroll in an outstanding lash training from Sassy Lash Class today.

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