Most consumers will be over inundated with information on which lash company to be trained by. If you’re like most consumers, then you will want to know the pros and cons of which lash course to take. Do I go with a well-established company that has a name that has been around for a while? Do I take a course my local esthetician or cosmetology school recommended? Is a 1-day course really enough time to learn all the things I need to start my new lash career?

These are all great questions, but one thing is for sure. All of these things are covered in the Sassy Lash Class.

Sassy Lash Class has a multitude of pros and only one con. Here are the pros:

  1. Financing: Sassy Lash Class offers financing for the course with options like 6 months no payments and no interest. Why deplete your savings account when you can make easy small payments?
  2. 3 Day Weekend or 5-day weekday and night classes: Don’t be fooled by taking a 1-day course. Our courses are designed to teach you everything from theory to sanitation. We teach all the latest techniques. We cover marketing. We show you how to do both a full removal and banana peel removal. We show you how to do a lash bath and cleanse the lashes. You take home all supplies in your kit and use our supplies while in school. Best of all we provide 3 days of live models.
  3. We teach Classic, Mixed, Volume, and Mega Volume: Most lash companies only teach classic lashes and then you can come back and pay them again to learn volume. We teach you everything under at the same time under one roof.
  4. We have a dedicated School: Most places close down their salon or rent a hotel conference room. Our 2,000 square foot facility, has 12 massage tables and 4 recliner chairs for when you practice on your live models. We also have a full-size classroom with tables and chairs for up to 25 students to learn the theory portion.
  5. After Graduation shadowing program: Once you receive your certificate, you can stop into any of our 3 Las Vegas Valley Salon locations and shadow any of the lash artists to pick up anything that you missed along the way. It’s free continuing education for all Sassy Lash Class students to take as a refresher.

Here is the con:

  1. We are located in Las Vegas: Even though we get so many requests to take the training on the road; at this time we are only training in the Las Vegas area. We will be eventually expanding to more states, but for now, we feel its best suited for clients to come train with us at our state of the facility and see why so many happy students love Sassy.
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